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Pôle SAP France "Créateur de liens humains" dédié aux Aidants Familiaux


Notre spécialité : La conduite en fauteuil roulant et la distribution de véhicules décaissés. A.C.A est la première structure en France qui propose des véhicules d’évaluation "multi-handicap".


Créée le 31 décembre 1996, la Communauté de Communes de la Picardie Verte est un territoire rural de 633 km² au Nord Ouest de l’Oise.


Institute for Human Centered Design The Institute for Human Centered Design has chosen to use the term "human centered design" as the most representative of our philosophy. We are invested in the international universal design/design-for-all/inclusive design movement but we believe that it is important to be open to complementary ideas that make sense within the simple and open framework of human centered design. Important parallel trends today include green design and design for health


ENAT is a non-profit association for organisations that aim to be 'frontrunners' in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism. You may be an expert or new to the area - in either case you are welcome!

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Pantou is the Greek word for Everywhere. Pantou has been developed to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive international guide to all kinds of accessible tourism services, helping to make tourism everywhere Accessible for All.

Yves Zieba

Welcome to my personal blog, my name is Yves Zieba. You will find some information on my key topics of interest. I regularly post about the new growth models, the role of businesses in sustainability, the future of education, or the emergence of open innovation and open models.

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